Mom’s Secret Lesbian Desires Are Exposed

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Mom's Secret Lesbian Desires Are Exposed

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Payton is a 49 yr old business woman and occasionally she likes to rent a suite at the Ritz Carlton to take a walk on the wild side. Payton calls an escort agency and asks them to send over a young girl. Her husband and youngest daughter are at home and think that she is on a business trip. So in this suite she can let her hair down and be with a younger woman without any strings.. Payton tells the agency where to send the girl and excitedly settles in to wait for her. Within an hour Payton hears a knock at her door but when she opens it she gets the surprise of her life. The young girl that the agency sent over is her oldest daughter 21yr old Lila. Both women are totally taken by surprise and Payton tells her daughter to come inside to talk about this. Payton is very embarrassed that Lila has learned about her secret and also a little upset that Lila is escorting. Payton tells Lila That she thinks it best that they try and forget this ever happened. but Lila is treating it like it was no big deal. In fact, Lila is making aggressive moves toward her mother. Payton is trying to keep her daughters hands off of her but suddenly Lila pushes her back onto the couch and gets on top of her mother. She starts to take of Payton’s top and to feel her breasts. Payton struggles to free herself but finds herself slowly giving in to her daughters advances. Lila takes her mother’s hands and leads her to the bedroom. In the bedroom both women undress each other. On the bed they start to have passionate lesbian sex both women feeling, fingering and eating each other’s pussy. Lila tells her mother that she has a surprise for her and comes back into the room wearing a strap on dildo. Her mother is amazed at her daughter and soon mounts her cock like she would a mans. Now Lila gets behind her mom and rams cock to her until her mother has a powerful orgasm and both women share a final kiss!

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