Darla Heather’s First Fun Lesbian Encounter

Clip Time: 2 Minutes Clip Size: 24/kb
Darla Heather's First Fun Lesbian Encounter

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Darla and Heather are sitting around the kitchen table smoking and talking about some of the people that go to their school. They are both High school seniors and think they know it all. The conversation comes around to a time that Darla felt up another girl.. She relates the entire experience to Heather who has never done anything like that but has always been curious about it. Darla has big breasts and Heather asks her if she could touch them. Darla quickly agrees and in no time at all they are totally naked and in each others arms. They go downstairs and begin to make love to each other. Heather tells Darla that her mom has a strap on and wants to know if she wants to try it. Darla heartedly agrees. She puts on the Strap on and comes back into the room. Heather is smoking again when Darla begins to fuck her with it. They try it in a few positions with Darla really putting it to Heathers pussy. Darla wants Heather to fuck her with it and they switch it up. Both girls have huge orgasms. and Heathers first lesbian experience couldn’t have been a better one.

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