Reluctant Mom Gives In To Hot Sex With Her Own Daughter

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Reluctant Mom Gives In To Hot Sex With Her Own Daughter

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Paige is on the couch after just having sex with her boyfriend Carlo. She lights up a cigarette and they engage in a little small talk. Carlo is also the boyfriend of Paige’s mom and he wants Paige and her mother to put on a little show for him. Paige is all for it but she knows that her mother will be very hard to convince. When Payton comes home she sees that Paige is in a very revealing outfit sitting in front of Carlo. Carlo explains what he wants to see from the two women and Payton immediately says she is not doing that with her daughter. Paige and Carlo talk with her and finally convince her to try it. Carlo gets them into a dark room where he takes photographs of them touching and kissing each other. after the photo session, he has them go into the bedroom where he video tapes the two women having sex with each other. Payton is a little nervous at first but her daughter Paige forces her mom onto her back and dives between her legs with her mouth. Paige eats Payton’s pussy like she was starved. Soon Payton has her first orgasm and now she wants to eat her daughters pussy. It’s not long before she brings Paige to an orgasm. Both women fall into each others arms and kiss.

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