Sweet Tarts Full Scene

Clip Time: 27 Minutes Clip Size: 320/kb
Sweet Tarts Full Scene

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Laura and Elindi are in the kitchen — wearing only aprons and socks — cooking up some tarts to satisfy their cravings for something soft, warm and sweet. And that’s exactly what they get, albeit the low-carb version. Laura pours in just a little too-much flour, and staunch the flow Elindi bats the bag away. Annoyed, Laura throws some of the flour on Elindi, and the fight is on!The girls push back and forth, playfully but rather forcefully grabbing each other’s hair. Eventually they wrestle each other down to the kitchen floor, and roll around in the spilled flour. As the struggle goes on, their aprons move ever higher, until soon their nude lower halves are entwined, leaving nothing between them save for a micrometer thick sheen of sweat-caked flour. Trib dough.They continually roll back and forth, fighting for the top position. Often tit-to-tit, sometimes nose-to-nose. Each girl also tries to sexually dominate the other by getting on top, both face down, and grinding pussy into the ass below. As they do this there legs intertwine and wrestle. Using their tangled legs as leverage, Elindi does a particularly good job of raising her body high, and then smashing +her pussy and thighs into Lauras. You can hear the slap of skin-on-skin and see their thighs jiggle together with each landing. Laura eventually wins this doughy sex fight, forcing Elindi into submission with a hot tongue kiss. For fans of baked goods, red lipstick, freckles, missionary tribadism, pastel socks, powdered thighs, undercooked desserts, deep tongue-kissing, tit on tit, radiator heat, spread eagle lesbians, strawberry blonds, aprons, thigh on thigh, and messy sex.

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