Three Cutie Babes, Two Vibrators

Clip Time: 25 Minutes Clip Size: 355/kb
Three Cutie Babes, Two Vibrators

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Gina Devine thought she was going to have a quite afternoon with her magazine and a glass of wine, but when Bella Baby and Megan Promesi come to her place in only their skimpy little swimsuits she knows things are about to take a turn for the lesbo hardcore! Even if she tries to stay on course when Bella and Megan start making out and stripping down on the table right in front of her she knows she has to get involved, and since this is Orgasmatics, you know a couple of seriously intense vibrators are going to come into play as well! All three of these cutie babes get their turn with the double buzzing pussy action, in the case of Gina just ripping open enough space in her stockings to make sure she feels the full effect of the vibration sensation! These three tight bodied babes aren’t getting their pussies off the table until they’re nice and satisfied, and you’ll be creaming up your table right their with them!!

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