Two Sex Starved Moms Have Their First Lesbian Encounter

Clip Time: 2 Minutes Clip Size: 24/kb
Two Sex Starved Moms Have Their First Lesbian Encounter

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Two mom’s Margo Sullivan and Bridget Lee are smoking cigarettes and drinking some wine in Bridget’s living room.. Both of them make remarks about how long it’s been since either of them has had sex. Margo says she’s even considered having sex with another woman, She asks Bridget if she’s ever been with another woman and Bridget’s reply’s no, but she has considered it. The conversation moves to women and dildos when suddenly Bridget touches Margo on the leg and the lesbian love fest begins. Bridget tells Margo there is a Vibrator next to her and Margo begins to use it on her. Soon Bridget is having her first orgasm and when she recovers it’s Margo’s turn. Bridget takes out another dildo and uses it in Margo. After Margo has her orgasm the both lay in each others arms and can’t believe what they’ve been missing. In another segment Bridget Lee does some unusual smoking

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