Daughter Catches Mom In Lesbian Act And Than Has Hot Sex With Mom Herself

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Daughter Catches Mom In Lesbian Act And Than Has Hot Sex With Mom Herself

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Aarin and her daughter Mallory are out in front of the house having an argument. Mallory had gone to a local lesbian bar with some friends and to her big surprise, her mother was there sucking face with another woman. Mallory got really mad and confronted her mother right there in the bar being caught off gard like that by her daughter totally surprised Aarin so she left the bar and told her daughter to calm down and to meet her at home. They started to talk about it outside but the argument got so loud they had to go inside the house. It was there that Aarin told her daughter that her husband was fully aware of her sexual desires regarding other women. At this point Mallory seemed to calm down and talk to her mom about the whole lesbian thing. Mallory seemed to be turned on by knowing that her mother was bi sexual. She was thinking back about watching her mother kissing another woman. Mallory was becoming wet between her thighs and she moved closer to her mom. She told Aarin that she was really horny and wanted her mother right there and then. Aarin was more than shocked and tried to ward off her daughters advances. She told her how wrong it would be for them to do this. Mallory pushed her mother back onto the couch and climbed on top of her. The began to explore each other’s bodies and Mallory grabbed her mother’s hand and brought her to the guest bedroom. They stripped each other’s clothes off and laid on the bed. Mallory ate her mothers pussy until Aarin had a nice orgasm. They laid in each other’s arms before Mallory decided it was her turn to be satisfied and they made love to each other through the night

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