Sister Learns To Use The Dance Pole

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Sister Learns To Use The Dance Pole


Amanda is showing her Sister Ciara her Bedroom in her new home, which has a nice Dance Pole in it. Amanda likes to call it her workout pole, because she is a stripper in an all nude Dance Club. She shows Ciara how to use it and has her give it a bit of a try. Ciara decides that she would rather watch her sister how to use it and Amanda quickly gives her a show. Ciara gets so turned on that she starts smoking a cigarette and fingering herself. Amanda crawls over to her and starts fingering and eating her Sisters pussy. Soon Ciara sucks Amandas Tits as she towers over her. Amanada has Ciara walk back over to the pole and starts rubbing her big tits against it as Amanda stands behind her and helps her. Amanda fingers Ciara’s pussy some more and soon Ciara starts eating her pussy in turn. It doesn’t take long for both of them to rub each others pussy together, bringing them both to great orgasms. Amanda’s was so great she ends up squirting her hot juice all over Ciara.



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